Peerless Foods and William Angliss Institute: a perfect partnership Plus FREE Deep Frying Masterclasses

Peerless Foods, together with William Angliss Institute, are pleased to announce the company’s sponsorship of the Institute’s Centre for Food Trades and Culinary Arts.

As the largest, privately owned manufacturer and supplier of premium edible oils, fats and margarines in Australia, Peerless Foods has been appointed the sole provider of frying and culinary oils used within the Centre.

Manager of the William Angliss Institute Centre for Food Trades and Culinary Arts, Mark Agius, said that oils from Peerless Foods were selected due to the impressive reputation of its Australian made culinary and frying oils . Those nominated include high-performance Formula 40 Deep Frying Oil together with premium quality Pura Canola Oil and Pura Olive Oil for culinary purposes.

As part of the partnership Peerless Foods and William Angliss Institute have developed Deep-frying Masterclass videos for chefs.

These Masterclasses are presented by senior educators from William Angliss, Dale Lyman and Freddy Bosshard, who share more than 40 years of international culinary experience between them.   The aim of the videos is to assist Chefs in maximising the quality of their dishes by understanding issues with frying oils. Some of the topics covered in the videos include –

–       Choosing the right oil temperature

–       How to prepare food for deep frying

–       How to operate your deep fryer efficiently

–       The dos and don’ts of frying

–       How to fry perfect chips


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