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Adding pancakes to the menu is now easier than ever!

Many café proprietors and other foodservice operators would love to offer customers golden fresh pancakes but have been put off by the hassles involved in their preparation.

While the pancakes are cooking they’re taking up space on the hotplate and the chef must constantly watch them to make sure they don’t burn. And that’s not the only concern.

“It takes a lot of work to make the batter mix, then to cook the pancakes and get them perfect,” points out Steve Logiuidice, Executive Chef at popular Flute Café in the Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo.

The solution to Flute Café’s problem was a Popcake unit – the world’s first automatic pancake making machine specifically designed for the commercial foodservice industry.

The latest model features a glass door so customers can watch as it produces fluffy, deliciously fresh and piping hot 97 per cent fat-free pancakes at the touch of a button!

“Now we have the Popcake unit, making pancakes is just so easy,” Steve says. “We just mix the batter, load the bag and press the button!”

Popcake supplies not only the Popcake unit but also the pancake mix which is high in fibre and 97 per cent fat free, with no oil used in the cooking process – making Popcake pancakes a healthier choice.

Weighing less than 23kg and standing under 40cm tall, the compact Popcake unit has been designed to take up minimal space in the commercial kitchen. It can also easily be converted to a front of house version to sit atop the buffet counter adjacent to your coffee machine.

The Popcake unit comes with standard settings for large (15cm), medium (10cm) and mini (5cm) pancakes, and can be easily adjusted to alter pancake size, colour and stack-size quantity to suit your requirements. It uses only 10amps of power and comes with removable hotplates for easy cleaning.

“Popcake is energy efficient, easy to use and easy to clean,” says Popcake Marketing Manager Hans Neumann. “It’s 98 per cent stainless steel with only four moving parts.

Your Popcake unit will deliver a stack of three pancakes in under a minute. If your customer orders a cappuccino and pancakes, by the time you’ve made the coffee you’ll have the three-stack on a plate ready to go.

The team at Flute Café have included both savoury and sweet pancakes on the menu. “Now that we have the Popcake unit, probably one in every four meals we sell is a pancake,” says Steve Logiudice.

“They’re great sellers with the customers. Our food is French influenced with an Aussie twist and pancakes are a perfect fit. We serve them for breakfast, lunch and dessert – customers love to come in during the afternoon for a stack of mini pancakes with ice cream and syrup.

For more information to or arrange a demonstration, contact Popcake International on Tel 02 9838 7099 or visit www.popcake.com.


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