Craftsmanship and quality combine to produce premium Mainland cheese


New Zealand is a country highly regarded for the pristine quality of its farmland and as such its dairy industry boasts a rich heritage.

The nation’s temperate climate ensures adequate feed for cattle herds all year round, and 1.6 million hectares of pastoral land is devoted to dairy farming.

New Zealand has been exporting dairy products since 1846 and today is the world’s largest exporter of dairy commodities, representing approximately a third of international dairy trade each year.

Since 2001, the interests of about 95 per cent of New Zealand’s dairy farmers have been represented by Fonterra, which exports high quality products to more than 100 countries around the globe – including Australia.

Fonterra’s portfolio includes some of the best-known, most highly regarded dairy brands, such as Mainland Cheese which combines the purest of New Zealand dairy ingredients to produce premium quality cheeses.

The knowledge of generations of cheesemakers has been passed down to ensure the continuity of Mainland’s craftsmanship and authentic taste. The variety of cheeses available under the Mainland brand has grown over the decades and Australia’s foodservice professionals have come to know and trust the brand as signifying distinctly flavoursome, quality products.

“No matter what your specific foodservice needs are, the Mainland range has a product to suit – from takeaways and casual dining right through to high end restaurants,” says Fonterra Foodservice Trade Marketing Manager Nick Dymond.

The extensive Mainland range includes shredded Cheeses available in Mozzarella, Tasty and Egmont varieties. These are perfect for pizzas, parmas, lasagnes, bakes, gratins and cheese sauces.

Mainland Mozzarella features include excellent stretch and melt with a mild taste, offering good coverage when melted and blistering evenly to an appealing golden brown colour, with minimal oiling off.

Mainland Tasty is a premium full-flavoured cheddar, providing a quick and cost-effective way to add flavour to pasta dishes, sauces and melts.

Mainland Egmont is a unique cheese with distinctive mouthfeel and properties. This semi-hard, cured, rindless cheese boasts a mild nutty flavour and smooth elasticity with excellent melting properties.

“Mainland Egmont has a stretch similar to Mozzarella with really good browning and nice flowing finish that’s similar to Tasty, but with minimal oiling off as well,” explains Nick. “It  offers the best of both worlds without the need for blending.”

All three of these quality Mainland cheeses come pre-shredded for added convenience – offering a quick and easy way to add the fantastic flavour of New Zealand dairy to your  menu!

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