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Nutella Introduces ‘Nutella Heroes’ Video Series Profiling Hardworking Professionals

Nutella, which is enjoyed in more than 75 countries internationally as well as being the number one hazelnut spread in Australia*, has long proven its strength and customer loyalty in retail. Over the past several years, the brand has also made strong inroads into the foodservice market, with many businesses keen to capitalise on its iconic status and use it as a drawcard for customers.

Available to foodservice in 3kg bulk jars, 20g individual serve portion control packs and new 25g jars, Nutella is popular on bakery goods and pastry items, as a breakfast add-on, and as an essential ingredient within many innovative desserts.

Its high viscosity and ease of piping makes Nutella a terrific choice for chefs, bakers and patissiers to use as a dipping sauce, sweet filling or topping for a wide range of products. Even pizzamakers have been quick to recognise the benefits of using Nutella – it’s highly regarded as a featured ingredient in dessert pizzas at some of Australia’s most popular pizza restaurants!

In recognition of the creativity, dedication and commitment of the hard-working professionals who have done so much to boost the brand’s profile in foodservice, Nutella is publicly celebrating some of these ‘at the coalface’ workers in its new ‘Nutella Heroes’ video series.

Each video features a look inside a foodservice operation which uses Nutella on the menu, profiling the business and interviewing the dedicated professionals who have built it up and made it what it is.

“These ‘Nutella Heroes’ are heroes not through their association with us, but heroes in their own right,” a spokesperson for Ferrero which markets the Nutella brand.

“They have worked hard over long periods of time, striving to make quality the number one goal for their business – because they know that this, above all else, is what keeps their customers coming back.

“In today’s ultra-competitive foodservice market you can’t afford to rest on your laurels and you can’t afford to compromise on flavour or presentation. Customers expect great quality food – that’s what they’re paying for and that’s what generates your repeat business and word of mouth patronage.

“The smart foodservice professionals know that commitment to quality product is what sets them apart and makes them Heroes. We’re proud to be able to set the Nutella brand alongside these hard workers, because we share that commitment.”

The Nutella Heroes video series looks at a variety of different foodservice businesses, including iconic Melbourne café chain Brunetti’s, NSW and Victorian business Criniti’s, and neighbourhood café Pietella in suburban Glen Waverley, Vic. Each has its own distinctive menu and different use of Nutella – what they all share in common is business success, built on originality, innovation and dedication to excellence.

Nutella will be celebrating these hardworking Australian foodservice professionals through the Nutella Heroes series, with each video available for view on its website at as well as on other popular foodservice websites including

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* Number one hazelnut spread in Australian supermarkets. Source: Nielsen Grocery Scantrack value sales share % MAT 25/12/2011

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