New 25g Nutella Jar: Ideal choice for cafes as bakery & pastry item add-on


Nutella, which is enjoyed in more than 75 countries internationally as well as being the number one hazelnut spread in Australia*, is now available in new 25g jars exclusive to the foodservice sector.

Ideal to offer as a point-of-sale add-on when the customer purchases bakery or pastry goods, new Nutella 25g jars feature the same iconic Nutella branding that consumers know and trust in the retail market — but in a single-serve size.


“This innovative presentation is exclusive to foodservice and gives you a fresh, different way of serving Nutella with your bakery or pastry goods like toast, croissants or muffins,” says a spokesperson for Ferrero Australia which markets the Nutella brand.


“In the case of a café serving breakfast or snack items, you can sell the 25g jar to the customer as an add-on rather than spreading Nutella directly onto the item itself,” they explained.


“This gives customers the additional engagement and interaction of opening the jar and spreading the Nutella themselves. That way, customers can choose how much Nutella goes on, how thickly or thinly it’s spread, to suit their own personal preference.


“The new 25g jar is also an ideal choice for those customers choosing the takeaway option for their food – they can drop in to the café, grab their coffee and morning croissant or pastry along with a 25g jar of Nutella, then take them to the office and spread the Nutella at their leisure.”


In addition to their appeal to the café market, Nutella 25g jars are also the ideal choice for hotel breakfast buffets, accommodation room service, and at morning/afternoon teas for conferences and functions.


The box in which Nutella 25g jars are housed also doubles as a presentation kit which you can use as an eyecatching point-of-sale display – again featuring that iconic Nutella branding which customers will immediately recognise.


“The new 25g jar and presentation box is all about giving the foodservice operator the ability to make their offer more ‘premium’, so it can command a higher price point,” the spokesperson added.


“Nutella commands terrific customer loyalty in both retail and foodservice so don’t risk disappointing those customers who are devotees of the brand by not offering it as an option,” he advises.


“This is an enormously popular spread, the number one hazelnut spread in Australia* as well as enjoyed internationally, so shouldn’t you be serving it?


“Your customers won’t necessarily ask for it, but you are letting them down if you don’t have it on the menu.


“Nutella’s unique taste adds another dimension to your food offering, so if your customers want it, don’t disappoint them.”


You can learn more about Nutella, plus see the exclusive Nutella Heroes videos showcasing Australian foodservice professionals who use Nutella on the menu, by visiting


* Number one hazelnut spread in Australian supermarkets. Source: Nielsen Grocery Scantrack value sales share % MAT 25/12/2011