Riviana Foodservice
Aussie Owned Foodservice Supplier Searches the World to Bring You the Best

You may not immediately know the name Riviana Foodservice, but you’re certainly acquainted with some of their leading brands.

Well-established names such as Riviana, Garden Supreme and Ocean Supreme are just three of the brands which are supported by this major supplier to the foodservice market. Riviana Foodservice’s stable of brands also includes Menu Master, specialist rice brands Mahatma and Tastic, Palms (known for its chutneys and vinegars) and 4 Seasons.

Between them, these brands represent an extensive range of different product categories – from canned and individually quick frozen vegetables and fruit, to rice, canned seafood, condiments and sauces and value-added products such as portion control desserts and noodle cups.

What they all have in common is Riviana Foodservice’s commitment to quality assurance and sourcing the best available quality ingredients for its products.

As an Australian business owned by Australian farmers – Riviana is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SunRice, which was established and is owned by Australian rice growers – Riviana Foodservice is dedicated to bringing the best, most cost-effective products to the Australian foodservice market. To this end, it actively seeks out product ingredients from across Australia and overseas.

“Our aim is always to meet the challenging requirements of today’s foodservice market, by providing professionals with a high quality food, no matter where in the world it comes from,” says Riviana Foodservice Marketing Manager Nick Dymond. “We find the world’s best ingredients for your kitchen.”

As the proud custodian of long-established foodservice brands such as Garden Supreme and Ocean Supreme, Riviana Foodservice is dedicated to the foodservice market over the long term.

No ‘fly by night’ operation, its origins go back more than 70 years. For many decades it has scoured the globe to bring back quality,  cost-effective foods – no place is too far-flung.

Today Riviana Foodservice’s stable of quality brands encompasses a wide selection of complementary products across many different categories. All share a commitment to the Riviana Foodservice corporate ethos – to provide Australia’s foodservice professionals with products they can rely on for ongoing quality and consistency of supply.


“Chances are you’re already familiar with some of Riviana Foodservice’s brands and products,” points out Nick Dymond. “You’ll find that our entire range bears that same commitment to quality assurance that you’ve found in the brands you know, so why not take a look at what else Riviana Foodservice has to offer?”


You can find more information on the extensive Riviana Foodservice range by visiting www.rivianafoodservice.com.