Chris’ Dips ‘Saucier Chef Range’

Chris’ Dips, leaders in Mediterranean shared dining culture, has launched a new, easy-to-use squeezable dips and aiolis in a 1kg Food Service range. The new Saucier Chef Range puts that final professional touch to a meal – whether it’s a dollop on the side, or drizzle on the top of any dish, the range takes the current traditional dips to an easy finishing off format.

The new Saucier Chef Range is available for order from September 2016. The Food Service squeezable bottle range offers four of Chris’ most popular traditional dip flavours including Hommus and Avocado. The new selection of Aiolis includes four enticing flavours including Wasabi Aioli and Gherkin & Mustard Aioli. All freshly prepared, the new range comes in 1kg easy-squeeze bottles for convenient application that enhances almost any meal.

The range is both gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Professional chefs and cooks will agree the restaurant quality of both flavour and texture will make them look good when applying to any dish that leaves their kitchen. When it comes to plating up, ‘the dish isn’t done without Saucier Chef!’

The Saucier Chef Squeezable Dip Range            

  1. Hommus Dip

This original Hommus recipe represents the true essence of Chris’ history and has been passed down through generations. The ingredients to this famous dip include locally grown chickpeas with tahini and garlic. The Saucier Chef Hommus Dip is perfect for restaurant-ready souvlakis, gourmet wraps and delicious wood-fired pizzas.

  1. Tzatziki Dip

A classic Greek Tzatziki, based on authentic Greek recipes combines fresh garlic and Chris’ Traditional Greek Style Natural yoghurt packing both a fresh and classic tzatziki flavour.  Serve it with warm Turkish bread, marinated meat or mixed in with a traditional Greek salad. Those spicy meatballs on the menu will adore this dip just as much as we do.

  1. Tzatziki & Dill Dip

This signature Tzatziki dip has been paired with fresh dill pieces, cucumber and Chris’ Traditional Greek Style Natural yoghurt for that authentic taste with a little bit of spice.  Enjoy this squeezy dip by adding it to smoked salmon dishes, Mediterranean falafels or as a filling for wraps or accompanying crudités.

  1. Avocado Dip

A squeezable smooth green avocado dip, made from a blend of cream cheese, avocado, and fresh pieces of parsley. Always a winner when paired with spicy nachos, sushi rolls or when added to signature breakfast meals.

The Saucier Chef Squeezable Aioli Range

  1. Classic Aioli  

The classic Aioli recipe made with creamy garlic is the perfect accompaniment to a smorgasbord of menu items including hot chips, salads, arancini balls and burgers. It adds that beautiful finishing touch to almost any meal, especially fish and chips, and don’t forget those morsel beef sliders!

  1. Gherkin & Mustard Aioli

The Gherkin & Mustard Aioli takes a tasteful spin on the classic Aioli flavour to include green gherkin specks with Dijon seeded mustard. Subtle spice flavours including turmeric and garlic create a smooth and creamy texture that is perfect for dishes like crumbed or battered fish and calamari, fish cakes and is also a perfect condiment for burgers and sliders.

  1. Wasabi Aioli

Flavours like wasabi, pepper and horseradish make up this bold and creamy Wasabi Aioli spread adding an alluring flavour to almost any meal. The creamy light green aioli colour enhances dishes like Sushi & California rolls and roasted rump steak adding a perfect little zing to each meal.

  1. Sweet Chilli Aioli

A classic combination of sweet chilli sauce and creamy aioli make this Sweet Chilli Aioli a must have in any professional kitchen. The aioli is a lovely creamy orange colour with real chilli flakes and is a perfect complement to almost any professional dish. Add this aioli to Japanese-inspired meals, fish patties or a classic baguette for a little sweet chilli spice.

Adding to the full-flavour dips and aiolis, the easy-to-use squeezable bottles allow for precise application of each product that maintains efficiency and hygiene in the kitchen. You can rely on Chris’ to bring to your kitchen the freshest dips and aioli’s ready to squeeze and serve.

Available nationally from September.