Most aged care operators delight in providing a true home for their residents and constantly seek new ways to ensure their health and happiness.


But it doesn’t matter what way you spin it, getting older isn’t much fun, especially when it comes to entering aged care. Moving into a hospital, nursing home or retirement village can be a confusing and frightening time for the elderly. Faced with the loss of their independence and home, they also have to contend with lifestyle changes at a time of life when people are least able to adapt to new circumstances.


Communal living also brings with it the requirement to eat from a set menu – often for the first time in their adult life. That creates a challenge for aged care facilities to ensure meals are tasty, tempting and nutritious. It also presents an opportunity to increase their sense of security through foods that are familiar.


Desserts, by their very nature, can evoke a feeling of comfort, as well as turn an everyday meal into a special occasion. For aged care providers who delight in not just getting it right, but going above and beyond to provide the best possible lifestyle for patients and residents, showstopper desserts that are also nutritious are a great way to achieve these goals.


It’s a fine line to walk, especially when there can be dozens of diverse appetites and health needs to consider. Research[1] shows people aged over 70 are less likely to meet their protein needs – a serious concern when meeting these needs is vital for supporting the preservation of muscle mass and the benefits this brings to strength, mobility and general health[2].


That’s where providing tasty, protein-enriched desserts using NESTLÉ DOCELLO Protein Enriched Dessert Mix can support the nutritional goals for your residents. The range, which includes butterscotch, lemon and strawberry flavours, meet dessert menu standards 3-7 providing a vital source of protein and calcium in every serve when prepared with full cream milk as directed.


Older people enjoy fine dining as much as the next person, and the NESTLÉ DOCELLO Protein Enriched Dessert Mix range enables busy commercial kitchens to go beyond bland and create wow factor desserts worthy of a café or restaurant while keeping to their strict operating timetables and budgets.


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