Bespoke aviation Allen's Fantales 2 (2)

Marking the inaugural Qantas 787 Dreamliner flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles today, one of Australia’s favourite sweet treats will be making a surprise on-board appearance, with a unique aviation twist.


Nestlé Professional has teamed up with Qantas to create bespoke Allen’s Fantales in celebration of the Qantas 787 Dreamliner fleet, the most advanced long-haul aircraft of its type anywhere in the world.


Created exclusively for its key customer Qantas, the co-brand venture represents an exciting partnership for Nestlé Professional. “This latest collaboration represents what we exist to do – listen to our customers and create unique opportunities for them. We’re proud to be partnering with Qantas and developing a lasting partnership with significant long-term growth opportunities,” Scott Stuckmann, Business Executive Officer, Nestlé Professional.


The limited edition co-branded chewy caramel Allen’s Fantales will be available exclusively for customers travelling on-board Qantas Dreamliner services between Melbourne and Los Angeles from today and Perth and London services from 25 March 2018, as well as in domestic and international airport lounges in Australia.


The bespoke Fantales feature 32 unique Qantas aviation history questions that Allen’s Fantales fans are sure to love.


See if you can answer some!


Question 1: Who am I? I was born in 1957 in Sydney and began working in restaurants, following my passion for food. I gained attention in the 1980s opening the Blue Water Grill and Rockpool. I have established new ventures such as Spice Temple and The Burger Project with an emphasis on casual dining. In 1997, I began working with Qantas as a food and service consultant and recently celebrated 20 years with Qantas designing new food menu options for in-flight service and Qantas lounges.
Question 2: What am I? I was introduced by Qantas in 2007 with the first designs by Akira Isogawa and Peter Morrissey. I have become a design icon and a popular souvenir for passengers. A special grey ‘onesie’ version of me was produced for Prince George when he flew to Australia with Qantas in 2014. A new dark blue version of me was designed by Martin Grant in 2016 for first class passengers.


Question 3: What am I? I am a major European city, known for my beautiful buildings and cultural treasures held in many museums and galleries. Qantas has been flying to me continuously since 1947 when the journey took three days with seven stops each way from Australia. As new aircraft were introduced, flight times and stops decreased. From 2018, Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliners will connect me with Perth on the first ever direct air service between Australia and Europe.


Question 4: Who am I? I first appeared on the side of a Qantas Liberator aircraft in 1944. I was re-designed with wings in 1947 by Gert Selheim on the first Qantas Constellation aircraft. In 1984, I was re-designed by the Lunn Group as part of a new white and red livery. In 2008, I was refreshed by Hulsbosch with a bolder design to suit the tail shape of the new Qantas A380 aircraft. In 2016, I was modernised with a new Qantas livery by Marc Newson and the Houston Group.


Question 5: What am I? I am a low-cost airline established in 2004. My first CEO was Alan Joyce and I grew rapidly to include domestic and international services. I have expanded in Asia and I am now also based in Singapore, Vietnam and Japan. Since 2004, I have carried more than 200 million people and operate one of Asia Pacific’s largest low fares networks.



Answer 1: Neil Perry

Answer 2: Qantas Pyjamas

Answer 3: London

Answer 4: The Qantas Flying Kangaroo

Answer 5: Jetstar