Australian Young Chef Named Global Brand Ambassador

8 March 2018 – For the first time since its inception in 1928, Worldchefs has appointed a Brand Ambassador to be the worldwide face of the association as the feminine force that graces our planet is so important for us.


As part of the newly Brand Ambassador Program, Jess’ responsibilities will include promoting the WACS on a daily basis and driving brand awareness via media platforms.


“I’m very proud to be a young chef. I am very humbled to be surrounded by such a strong community of chefs who are connected by industry support. Worldchefs has given me and the industry so much respect and provision in all of the things that truly make a great chef,” says Ms Jessi McEwan.


With an outstanding resume in the culinary field, Jessi was selected for her confidence, diligence and versatile communication skills. She has previously represented Australia on the world stage in international culinary conferences. She was named the First Young Chef Ambassador for Australia and the Pacific Rim in 2014 and was the Young Chef Guest of Honour at the 2016 Chefs Conference in Tasmania. With her contributions to the culinary scene in Australia, Jessi was selected as the winner of the Victorian Young Achiever Awards in 2015.


ACF National President Mr Neil Abrahams said that “this is a great step forward for Australian Chefs and the significance of this being one of the up and coming female chefs in Australia is also an important point.  Jess has been a great Ambassador for Young Chefs within Australia for the past few years and this is a great step for Jess and Australian chefs in general.  It is also a coincidence that the announcement was made on International Women’s Day, only fitting in some respects.  The membership of the ACF welcomes this move by WACS and looks forward to assisting Jess wherever possible into the future”.