Smoothwall Kiev

As all foodservice professionals who prepare ready-to-eat meals are well aware, product presentation is as important as food quality. Not only does your food need to taste great to generate repeat business and new orders through word of mouth – it also needs to be packaged in such a way that it looks attractive, tidy and above all appetising.

This is especially the case for high-end food operations such as Kawungan Quality Meats of Hervey Bay, which in addition to its booming retail business supplies local restaurants, cafes and sporting clubs with such gourmet meats as Cape Grimm Tasmanian grass fed beef and lamb, free range pork and chicken, and quality aged beef.

The business also runs an online store and supplies readymade single-serve meals such as lasagnas, cottage pies, potato bakes and quiches, and all these must reach customers in the same condition as when they were prepared in store.

For this reason, Kawungan Quality Meats manager Dale Newberry searched high and low to find packaging which would do the job he needed.

“We originally tried another brand of foil trays,” Dale remembers, “but they just weren’t strong enough to hold their shape. But once I tried Confoil Smoothwall trays, I said ‘get me a box of these – they’re terrific!’”

Constructed from a sturdy grade of aluminium, Confoil Smoothwall trays are extremely rigid and robust, with smoother side walls than standard foil trays and a uniquely designed container rim – making it easy to heat-seal a laminate lid to the top, using a sealing machine which Confoil can supply.

Their high temperature tolerance enables you to prepare food in the tray and then bake, grill or roast as desired without having to remove it. This makes Confoil Smoothwall trays well suited for roasting joints, marinated meats and breaded products, as well as vegetables, and the perfect choice for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications.

For Dale Newberry, the fact that Confoil Smoothwall trays present so well and can be heat-sealed makes them a great choice for readymade meals.

“We tried lots of other brands of foil containers and when you try to wrap them, they buckle and bend. The Confoil Smoothwall containers are the best quality ones by a mile that we’ve been able to find on the market. They hold their shape and not only do they display really well, but the customer can take the product home and put it straight into the oven, so they don’t even need to touch the food until it’s ready to eat.”

Confoil Smoothwall trays are also an excellent choice for online orders, as Dale points out: “Customers can’t see the product until it reaches them, so it’s really important that when they open the container up, the food presents extremely well and in optimal condition. We put a lamb roast in a Confoil tray with a sprig of rosemary and the customer opens it up and says, ‘hey, that looks great!’. They’re also ideal for marinated products and stir fries.”

Confoil Smoothwall trays are available in a range of sizes, including custom sizes and shapes for larger purchase quantities. For more information contact Confoil Customer Service on 03 8720 1900 or email