Certified Australian Angus Beef
Certified Australian Angus Beef®

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Angus cattle were first bred in Scotland in the late 18th century and were specifically developed to produce high quality beef. This beef is prized for its smooth, close grained texture, carnation red colour and lean, finely marbled muscle.

Today Angus is the dominant breed in the world’s major beef producing nations, including Australia, where it has won gold medals in various prestigious beef tasting and carcass competitions at agricultural shows across the country.

Established in 1996 by Angus Australia to promote Angus beef and the qualities afforded by its superior genetics, Certified Australian Angus Beef® is an ISO Accredited Quality Assured beef product from Australian grown cattle produced to exacting specifications, including:

* Grain fed on high quality cereal grain for a minimum of 120 days

* MSA graded for quality

* Fully traceable using DNA technology

* Independently verified for breed

* All cuts are aged for 21 days, with striploin aged for 28 days to ensure full flavour and tenderness

Wholly owned by Angus Australia, the Certified Australian Angus Beef® program is independently monitored and guarantees the consumer a superior, safe, healthy, marbled and flavoursome beef meal every time. The program licenses every sector within the production pathway including Angus Australia members, feedlots, processors, portion controllers, product manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors, retailers and restaurants.

Certified Australian Angus Beef® is Australia’s most awarded brand of beef, having secured 10 medals in the 9 year history of Australia’s premier fine food show, the Sydney Fine Food Show. So to ensure you’re serving your customers an award winning beef meal every time, look for the Certified Australian Angus Beef® label whenever you buy Angus beef.

Certified Australian Angus Beef® is available from the following suppliers:

Warren Payne
P: 02 4920 1944

Evan Maxwell
T&R Pastoral
P: 08 8532 1955

Visit www.caab.com.au to find your local distributor.


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