Angus Pure Natural Beef
Angus Pure Natural Beef®

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Angus Pure Natural Beef® was established in 2009 in response to strong consumer demand for a high quality pasture fed Angus beef product produced naturally.

Beef branded Angus Pure is raised in the lush grazing regions of South Australia by experienced growers committed to produce young Angus cattle which meet the requirements and eating enjoyment expectations of the modern consumer.

Beef certified as Angus Pure Natural Beef® is:

* Independently verified

* Free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.

* Fully traceable from paddock to plate, using DNA technology from Pfizer Animal Genetics

* MSA graded to ensure a consistently healthy, flavoursome and tender beef product

To ensure you’re serving your customers beef which meets your customers’ requirements without compromising on taste, look for the Angus Pure Natural Beef® label whenever you buy pasture fed Angus beef.

Angus Pure Natural Beef® is available from the following suppliers


My Butcher
5/135 Mooringe Ave
Camden Park SA 5038
P: 08 8159 0222
F: 08 8159 0223


Michael White
Country Fresh Nationwide
4 Kyabra St
Newstead QLD 4006
P: 07 3252 3844
M: 0400 490 966
F: 07 3252 3877

Rick Mulley
30 Manton St
Morningside QLD 4170
P: 07 3902 6300
F: 07 3902 1573

Coffs Harbour

Dan Berry
Country Fresh Nationwide
57 O’Keeffe St
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
P: 02 6652 7066
F: 02 6652 7967


5 Leslie Rd
Laverton North VIC 3026

Murray Bridge

Evan Maxwell
T&R Pastoral
Lagoon Rd
Murray Bridge SA 5253
P: 08 8532 1955


Makani 2001 Pty Ltd
Miles Road
Kewdale WA 6105
P: 08 9353 2788


22 George Young St
Regents Park NSW 2143
P: 02 9795 2400

Angus Pure Natural Beef® is a joint venture of Angus Australia and T&R Pastoral Pty Ltd.


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