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Hello Foodservice November 2011

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The latest Hello Foodservice investigates substance abuse in the hospitality industry, both sides of the debate in the lead up to the interim review of the Hospitality Award, and the impact social media is having on foodservice businesses.

In this program:

Note: number denotes starting point of each story in minutes and seconds.

00.00 Is substance abuse a major problem for the hospitality industry? Hello Foodservice investigates.

09.15 Both sides of the argument in the lead up to the interim review of the Hospitality Award.

16.00 ‘Let’s Talk’ interview with SATS Executive Chef and WACS Continental Director – Asia, Rick Stephen

20.45 What does ‘sustainability’ mean for the foodservice industry?

24.30 Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. We look at the impact sites like Facebook, Twitter and Eatability are having on foodservice businesses.

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2 Responses to “Hello Foodservice November 2011”

  1. Rick Stephen says:

    What a great avenue for getting live style information out to all of us around the world, relvant and up to date information and for us lazy people, fantastic not having to read it all but been able to watch and listen.

    Great job ‘ Hello Team ‘ please give us more info !!!

  2. Tim Collett says:

    Brilliant – well done Lindsay. Really interesting topics and quality production. I look forward to the next episode.


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