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New gluten free guide on Coeliac Society website

Cerebos Food Service has joined forces with The Coeliac Society of Australia to help educate foodservice professionals about gluten free meals.

Coeliac disease is a medically diagnosed intolerance to dietary gluten which can only be effectively managed by a lifelong gluten free diet. The disease affects approximately 1 in 100 Australians.

As a leading supplier of gluten free products for the away from home market, Cerebos Food Service has recently introduced a range of gluten free Asian spice pastes marketed under the Asian Home Gourmet™ brand and gluten free gravy mixes and boosters under Gravox®.

Now the company is working with the Coeliac Society in recognition of the growing demand for more information about how to make gluten free meals part of the foodservice menu.

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“People diagnosed with coeliac disease have no alternative but to avoid gluten in their meals whether eating at home or dining out,” explains Coeliac Society Technical Officer Graham Price.

“But historically it’s been difficult for foodservice professionals to offer their customers gluten free meals. The main problem has been the lack of widespread commercial availability of gluten free alternatives to regular ingredients. That’s why Cerebos Food Service’s gluten free range is a genuine foodservice solution.”

Included as part of the Professionals Gluten Free Guide at The Coeliac Society website are:

  • A Commercial Gluten Free Kitchen Checklist, which explains all the hygiene, cooking and preparation safeguards you need to ensure against cross-contamination of gluten free meals
  • An online guide to making gluten free versions of popular meat sauces and gravies
  • A list of available gluten free products from Cerebos Food Service
  • A valuable FAQ section which explains the intricacies of food labelling and ingredients to ensure you can offer genuine gluten free food with confidence
  • Useful online videoclip presentations which explain quickly and concisely the main issues with going gluten free and offer valuable tips and advice from food consultants, professional chefs and Coeliac Society spokespeople

Click here to visit the Coeliac Society Foodservice Professional’s Guide