Mamee Express Cup NoodlesMamee Express Cup Noodles
Mamee Express Cup Noodles

Mamee Express Cup Noodles are a “one-stop solution” for school canteens –  the only cup noodle product with fitted lids, cardboard insulators and a fork inside the cup, which means there’s no need to purchase forks or lids separately.

The risk of scalding or burning associated with selling cups of hot soup or noodles is a key concern for canteen managers, so the inclusion of lids and insulators makes Mamee a safer choice for serving. The fitted lid and insulator also keeps the noodles warm (but not boiling) prior to serving.

Mamee recommends preparing noodles to order about 20 minutes in advance of serving – this allows the noodles to soak up much of the soup.

Competitively priced Mamee Express Cup Noodles are available in Beef or Chicken. Contact (08) 8239 4143 for your nearest distributor.


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