Up & Go
Sanitarium Up & Go

Sanitarium Up & Go is a nutritious, liquid breakfast range designed for people on the go. Each 250ml serve of Up & Go Liquid Breakfast offers “the protein, energy and dietary fibre of 2 Weet-Bix and milk”, making it an ideal choice for canteen breakfast menus.

Available in four flavours – Stawberry, Vanilla Ice, Choc Ice and Banana – Up & Go Liquid Breakfast is 98.5% fat free, high in fibre and calcium, and contains protein and 10 essential vitamins and minerals.

The Up & Go range also includes Up & Go Energize, which contains 60% more protein than regular Up & Go and is low GI for sustained energy. Both Up & Go Liquid Breakfast 250ml and Up & Go Energize 250ml are registered green with Healthy Kids.

For more information call Sanitarium on 02 4348 7675.


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