Gravox Chicken Booster
Gravox Gluten Free Boosters

Gravox gluten Boosters impart a natural flavour boost, allowing you to enrich the taste of meals quickly and easily. They also contain no added MSG.

The range includes:

GRAVOX Chicken Booster (2.5 and 8kg): the natural flavour of roast chicken complemented by sweet onion and herbs to boost the savoury notes of dishes such as casseroles, pies and soups. Make up as a liquid stock or use dry as a seasoning. Gluten and wheat free with no added MSG.

GRAVOX Beef Booster (2.5 and 8kg): a rich, savoury beef flavour to add depth and enhance the taste of dishes including casseroles, pies and soups. Complements not only beef but a wide range of meat dishes. Gluten and wheat free with no added MSG.

GRAVOX Vegetable Booster (2.5kg): a natural flavour profile of mixed vegetables and herbs. Ideal for casseroles, pies and soups. Can be made up as a liquid stock for broths and perfect for vegetable-based meals. Gluten, wheat, lactose and dairy free, suitable for vegans, with no added MSG.


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