Hello Foodservice March 2012
Hello Foodservice March 2012

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The first Hello Foodservice for 2012 looks at the launch of food trucks in Sydney, the changing face of food court dining, and asks leading chefs and industry figures about the role of competitions in the industry today.

Stories include:

0.00 In 2012, how important are culinary competitions to the foodservice industry?

4.30 Hello Foodservice speaks to Validity Coaching’s Chris Tandridge about management, leadership and staff training.

8.45 In recent years food trucks have become a phenomenon in the US. We take a look at the  launch of  food trucks in Sydney.*

12.30 Are food courts the dining destinations of the future?

15.40 Hello Foodservice takes a tour of Crown Melbourne’s new, $10 million training centre.

19.05 Owner of leading LA food truck The Grilled Cheese Truck Dave Danhi talks about the realities of running a food truck business.

*Sydney food truck trial footage courtesy of the City of Sydney.


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