Bamboleo is first choice in quality antipasto, pestos and tapenades

Bamboleo antipasto, pestos and tapenades are the preferred choice at many of Australia’s top cafes, delis, pizzerias and restaurants – here’s why they should be your first choice too!

Made to traditional recipes using the highest quality ingredients, all Bamboleo products are made using natural preserving techniques. These premium chargrilled, fire roasted and marinated vegetables are ideal for a wide variety of applications, across Italian, French and Middle Eastern cuisine and much more.

Unlike some competitor products, all Bamboleo chargrilled vegetables are marinated in canola oil, herbs and spices prior to chargrilling.

“A lot of our competitors will chargrill first, but we find that our process provides a superior infusion of flavour because the product is pre-marinated,” explains Baxters Foods Australia Managing Director John Lochery.

“This gives consistent taste across the entire two kilogram batch during its 90 day chilled shelf life.”

One of Bamboleo’s best-known products is its Semi-Dried Tomatoes, which boast a sharper, more concentrated flavour than the standard sundried tomato, making them ideal for a wide range of recipes.

The Bamboleo antipasto range also includes chargrilled red capsicum, eggplant, zucchini, artichoke, pumpkin and an antipasto mix selection; fire roasted capsicum in red, yellow or mixed varieties; marinated capsicum, eggplant and artichokes; marinated olives available in kalamata, natural whole green, natural whole black, and pitta kalamata style varieties; and sundried tomatoes available whole, in strips, or diced.

All come in 2kg resealable rectangular leak-free tubs designed for bulk storage and ease of use. When empty, these can easily be recycled for use as hygienic and safe food storage containers.

Bamboleo also offers Black Olive Tapenade in 2 litre buckets and pesto in basil, sundried tomato, capsicum and coriander varieties.

So whether you’re creating an antipasto plate, looking for quality chargrilled, fire roasted and marinated vegetables which you can use as cooking ingredients or meal accompaniments, or wanting a high quality alternative to your everyday pestos and tapenades – the extensive Bamboleo range offers all you need!


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