Did you know Nutella is the third-largest selling branded spread in Aussie supermarkets? Now this much-loved favourite is available to foodservice in pack sizes to meet operators’ needs.

You can serve Nutella in a 20g Individual Serve Portion Control Pack that’s ideal as an on-table spread. And because Nutella is a shelf-stable long-life product requiring no refrigeration, storage and stock control is simple.

Nutella also comes in a 5kg Bulk Jar for back of house. Its high viscosity and ease of piping makes Nutella 5kg a terrific choice for use as an ingredient in desserts, as dipping sauce or as a sweet filling or topping for bakery items, cakes and snacks.

Even pizzamakers have been quick to recognise the benefits of using Nutella – it’s highly regarded as a featured ingredient in dessert pizzas at some of our most popular pizza restaurants!

In recognition of this, Nutella is sponsoring the ‘Best Dessert Pizza’ section at  the 2012 Global Pizza Challenge (Australian + global finals) to be held in Sydney at the end of May – offering a $1000 cash prize for the section winner of this prestigious competition.

So if you haven’t yet tried Nutella as an ingredient, do so today – you may be surprised to learn how much its distinctive hazelnut flavour can enhance a wide range of the items you prepare and serve!


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