The cost-effective way to add more vegies to the menu

Foodservice professionals can have their pick of the best quality vegetables of the season all year round – thanks to the Wattie’s frozen vegetable range from Heinz Foodservice.

Available in 2kg and 5kg ‘clear window’ packaging to make content identification quicker and easier, the Wattie’s frozen vegetable range includes peas, baby carrots, diced carrots, green whole beans, green cross cut beans, mixed veg, mixed veg Asian and a traditional stir fry selection.

These competitively priced, quality frozen vegies are the cost-effective and easy way to add variety and flavour to your menus at any time of the year.

The vegetables have been snap frozen to help retain flavour and texture and can be stored in the freezer for up to 24 months. The thick, durable packaging makes handling and storage a fast and simple matter.

Wattie’s frozen vegetables are pre-cut with no chopping or peeling required, saving you preparation time and labour costs.

And of course the high qualities that foodservice professionals have come to expect from Heinz are present in every pack. The firmness, colour and flavour of Wattie’s frozen vegetables makes them ideal for a whole range of recipes especially when time is at a premium.

To place an order, contact your Heinz distributor or Heinz Consumer Services on 1800 037 058.

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