Chux complete sustainable range
Famed Sydney club chooses CHUX biodegradable range

Bel Cibo (Italian for ‘beautiful food’) is the newest eatery at Revesby Workers, one of Sydney’s biggest and most popular clubs. Under the auspices of Executive Chef Robert Green, the restaurant serves up modern, contemporary-styled Italian cuisine, from wood fired pizzas to antipasto plates, seafood, pasta and meat dishes in a stylish venue that seats 110.

Since opening some 12 months ago, Bel Cibo has exemplified Revesby Workers’ commitment to sustainability – a philosophy that is carried right through all club operations, but is particularly prevalent in the new restaurant.

“The club as a whole aims to be very environmentally responsible,” explains Robert, “and certainly here in the restaurant you can see the focus on sustainability at work.

“We grow all our own herbs up in a herb garden on our balcony and we’re just about to start with a program in which we’ll be growing the fruit and vegetables for Bel Cibo in a garden at one of our smaller clubs. We’re currently setting up worm farms and composting heaps to feed that garden bed.

“It’s not only more cost-effective to grow our own produce – it also means we’re able to engineer our menus around what’s in season, what we know is available, and we can be sure of always having the freshest produce on hand when we need it.”

The emphasis on sustainability extends beyond just food – Robert says the restaurant and club is also very mindful about recycling of cardboard, paper and other waste products and has procedures in place to minimise the amount of packaging used throughout the premises. They’re also focused on minimising power usage – “we power off whenever we’re closed, to make sure we cut down on our energy use,” Robert explains.

Bel Cibo also buys its oil in bulk and avoids use of oil drums, helping to cut down on landfill waste; only uses fish which are sustainably farmed; and recycles its food waste for compost.

For Rob, both of whose grandparents were chefs, this trend towards sustainability makes sense not just for the future of foodservice, but in everyday society too.

“I see a lot of restaurants throughout Sydney which are already going down the sustainability route – many are growing their own produce. Even in homes more and more people are using solar energy, recycling and so on. I think it’s going to be a big push for the future.”

With all this focus on sustainability, the new CHUX biodegradable range was a natural choice for Robert and his staff, who were already regular CHUX users.

“One of my chefs went to a trade show a couple of months ago and saw the new range, and of course we were keen to give them a go,” Robert recounts. “In a club this size, we use a lot of cleaning and hygiene products, and we find the new CHUX biodegradable products are great. I don’t see any difference in the quality from regular CHUX products, and for us the biodegradability is a big plus, as it fits in with the club’s sustainability management plan.”

Made from 100 per cent natural/recyclable/renewable fibres, the new CHUX Sustainable range includes: CHUX Biodegradable Absorbent Cloth: super strong and absorbent, ideal for wiping benches and spills. Made from 100% natural and renewable viscose cellulose and bamboo fibres. Viscose cellulose is a naturally absorbent fibre – the cloths can absorb up to 12 times their own weight in liquid. Cloths are machine washable (warm water) and can be re-used over and over, reducing waste. Fully biodegradable in compostable conditions. CHUX Biodegradable Superwipes: like regular Superwipes, these feature double action holes which easily pick up dirt and food particles and can be rinsed clean again and again. Made from 100% natural and renewable viscose cellulose fibres. Each Superwipe can absorb up to 10 times its own weight in liquid. Fully biodegradable in compostable conditions.CHUX® Biodegradable Superwipes® are HACCP* Australia Food Safety Programme Certified.The new CHUX Sustainable Non-scratch Scourer Sponges: feature a non-scratch scourer safe for non stick cookware, with abrasive particles which remove tough marks, grease and grime without scratching. The scourer is made from post consumer recycled PET bottles, while the sponge is made from highly absorbent 100% natural and biodegradable cellulose. The CHUX Biodegradable Absorbent Cloths and Superwipes are packed in recyclable packaging printed with natural soy based inks, and Sustainable Non-scrub scourers are packed in wrap designed to breakdown when exposed to the elements.

“We were already using CHUX and we were happy to make the switch to the new biodegradable range,” Robert affirms. “With CHUX you always know you’re getting what you pay for, and when you’re using as much of them as we are, you can’t afford not to choose the best quality product.”

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