Keith HigginsonCertified Australian Angus Beef bavette
FACE2FACE: Keith serves up superb quality steaks

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Certified Australian Angus Beef is more than just a trademark – it’s a proven signifier of product quality, backed up by an authentic paddock-to-plate certification process.
The recipient of more awards than any other branded beef product in Australia, Certified Australian Angus Beef has won 10 medals over the nine year history of Australia’s premier fine food show, the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show – exemplifying both its consistency and trustworthiness.
It’s for these reasons that Certified Australian Angus Beef is the preferred choice of many foodservice professionals – like Keith Higginson, Executive Chef of Vardis Restaurants which operates Stearsons Steakhouses and Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse in Sydney.
“It’s superb quality,” is how Keith describes Certified Australian Angus Beef. “Since I’ve been working at Vardis we’ve grown the range and used it more and more – the most popular steaks on our menu are all Certified Australian Angus Beef.”
All CAAB cattle have been grain fed on high quality cereal for a minimum of 120 days, the beef has been independently verified for breed, graded for quality by Meat Standards Australia, and all cuts have been aged for 21 days, with striploin aged for 28 days to ensure full flavour and tenderness. As Keith puts it, “you know exactly what you’re getting, and thanks to the aging process you know it’s going to be tender. You’re able to rely on the quality – I use it all the time for large parties and functions because I know I won’t have any problems with it.”
While the Vardis restaurant menus are changed regularly, Keith says that several CAAB cuts have become staple items – “We use rib eye, sirloin, fillets, rump and occasionally when I do functions I’ll use other, more secondary cuts as well.
“Just looking at the big sellers on our menu – the CAAB rib eye has always been a top seller, in all of our restaurants for the past five and a half years.”
Top quality beef is obviously a must for any steakhouse worth the name, as Keith acknowledges. “We also offer mains like Beef Wellington and so on, but many of our customers are simply looking for a good steak served with a tasty jus and some baked or mashed potatoes and chips.
“When you’re serving a meal with steak as the centrepiece, you can’t hide behind a complex recipe or overpowering sauces. The quality of the meat is what’s important. So you’ve got to make sure it’s got a good flavour, a terrific mouthfeel with enough moisture content, and that it’s tender. Certified Australian Angus Beef ticks all those boxes.”
Keith ensures that all his staff are educated in the characteristics that set Certified Australian Angus Beef apart, so they’re able to pass this information on to customers when required.
“I do a lot of training with both the kitchen and floor staff,” he explains. “We all sit down and I go through tasting points and quality aspects of beef – I’ll talk about the processes involved, then we’ll try various quality steaks. We’ll go through grain fed, grass fed, wet aged, dry aged and so on. All the staff recognise that Certified Australian Angus Beef offers a consistently great, buttery, quality steak.”
So take the worry out of serving beef – serve Certified Australian Angus Beef and you’ll never have to be concerned about quality or consistency.
Just look for the CAAB trademark – it’s your guarantee of superior, safe, healthy, marbled, flavoursome beef, each and every time.
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