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This episode features Chris Mordue speaking about his organization ‘Clear Headed’ which helps foodservice professionals with alcohol and substance abuse. Executive chef/owner of Pony Lounge and Dining Damian Heads and café chain owner Darren McGillray tell how they have flourished despite the difficulties in the restaurant market. We interview Sydney entrepreneur Adam Theobald, CEO and creator of Beat the Q – the iPhone app making in-roads in the vibrant café market. And has the government’s carbon tax impacted foodservice? – we ask professionals for their response.

If you’re short on time you can now watch individual stories by dragging the marker along the timeline. Story start times are listed below.

00:31 – Carbon Tax

08:45 – Alcohol & Substance Abuse in Foodservice

16:30 – Restaurant Success Stories (Damian Heads & Darren McGillivray)

30:08 – Beat the Q App.

34:25 – Next on Hello Foodservice

34:38 – Erhard Hotter – Final words