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HEAD: TIC TAC now comes in portion control ‘pillow packs’

A long time brand favourite your customers love and trust is now available to the foodservice and accommodation markets in convenient individual portion packs.

Yes, TIC TAC – the popular and iconic international brand that created Australia’s breath freshening mint segment back in 1974 and continues to enjoy strong customer loyalty today – now comes in portion controlled ‘pillow packs’. Each pack contains four mints, in 100 packs per bag and 21 bags per carton.

The new pillow packs feature TIC TAC Peppermint flavour, which is the number one selling TIC TAC mint flavour in retail.

TIC TAC Peppermint pillow packs make an ideal complimentary mint for hotel guests, conference attendees, restaurant patrons and airline passengers alike. They’re perfect as an after-dinner mint or refreshment; and suitable for reception areas and as turn-down offerings.

TIC TAC pillow packs are competitively priced, making them a cost-effective choice and an easy way of offering customers a trusted retail brand in the convenience of a portion control pack.

With four TIC TACs per pack and less than two calories per pill, the serving lasts longer and provides a delicious way for customers to freshen their breath, without the added calories of some competitor products.

The official launch of new TIC TAC Peppermint pillow packs will be at Australia’s premier foodservice trade event, Fine Food 2012, this coming September. Be sure to drop by the Ferrero Australia Foodservice stand at the show for a sample.

For all sales enquiries, contact Ferrero Foodservice on 1800 199 183 or visit www.ferrero.com.au/foodservice/tictac.