Improved GLAD Bake now better than ever!


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Since High St Bistro opened in leafy Willoughby on Sydney’s north shore a few years back, owner and executive chef Jeff Turnbull’s latest venture has attracted a loyal customer base.
Open seven days for lunch and dinner with breakfasts on weekend, the bistro also attracts a morning coffee crowd with its home made muffins, savoury tarts, quiches and buttercakes. The main drawcard, however, remains its contemporary bistro-style meals with a French influence. The venue seats 70 and is BYO and licensed, and Jeff is justly proud of its cheery bistro feel, buzzy modern ambience and trendy yet family-friendly atmosphere.
The bistro features a fully enclosed courtyard area – “if it’s 20 degrees we can open it all up and get fresh air, but when the weather’s not so good we close it all off with concertina glass doors and the customers stay nice and warm inside,” Jeff explains.
Jeff’s customers are not the only ones to appreciate High St Bistro – it’s also received kudos from newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald, and was a finalist in the 2011 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering HOSTPLUS Awards for Excellence in the New Restaurant category for Sydney metropolitan and surrounds.
Dedicated to using the best in both front and back of house, Jeff is always on the lookout for innovative products and new or improved ways of doing things.
So he was pleased to learn about new improved GLAD Bake from Clorox Commercial, which now offers 20 per cent better non-stick performance.
Used to provide a protective non-stick coating on your baking trays, GLAD Bake makes baking easier while cutting down on cleaning.
Jeff and his team previously used GLAD Bake primarily for pastries, but are finding new applications for the improved GLAD Bake with savoury items. He describes it as “better than ever”.
“Before GLAD Bake came on the market, we would use silicon baking sheets to line our baking trays – but GLAD Bake is a big improvement on the old method,” Jeff reports.
“It’s cut just the right size for our baking trays, so there’s no need to measure and cut it to size. We just roll it out, tear it off and use it – it’s great because there’s no wastage.
“It saves on labour because staff no longer have to grease trays and it makes everything non-stick. For ease of use, it’s a real winner.”
Jeff is currently using GLAD Bake to make a sweet onion piperade. He starts with a bed of GLAD Bake on the oven tray, then adds peeled diced onions, garlic and butter – covers in foil and bakes in the oven for three hours.
The GLAD Bake creates a non-stick barrier between the stainless steel and onion, stopping it from burning. The result: a lovely soft onion ‘paste’ to accompany eggs for breakfast.
Jeff also uses GLAD Bake to make fondant potatoes: he lines the bottom of a stainless steel saucepan with a cartouche of GLAD Bake, then adds clarified butter and potatoes. Again, the GLAD Bake won’t burn and adds that non-stick effect to the saucepan – so the potatoes come out golden brown with an attractive and flavoursome butter and seasoning coating.
Jeff adds GLAD Bake is also ideal for pastry work from sugar brioches to panettone. “It really is a very versatile product and great for the commercial kitchen,” he says.
Made from high quality baking paper, GLAD Bake is available in two roll sizes – 120m x 30cm, and Extra Wide 120m x 40.5cm and is suitable for convection and microwave as well as conventional ovens.
The specially designed non-stick coating eliminates the needs for extra fats and oils during cooking and it can withstand temperatures of up to 230 deg C.
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