NichireiRaw Oyster Meat LBreaded Oyster Meat
Naked oyster meat … snap-frozen to seal in flavour and freshness!

For snap-frozen freshness and convenience, you can’t beat Nichirei’s pacific oyster meat range.
Individually quick frozen to ensure the original flavour and freshness is sealed in, Nichirei offers pacific oyster meat in both Raw and Breaded forms, from Japan’s number one oyster supplier Kunihiro.
Nichirei Raw Oyster Meat is of top-quality sashimi grade and can be served raw or cooked. The pacific oysters have been depurated in electrolysed water and washed, shucked, frozen and packed according to stringent HACCP/ISO9001 accredited procedures, sealing in the creamy flavour and freshness.
Available in large (47 pieces per 1kg pack) or medium (59 pieces per 1kg pack), Nichirei Raw Oyster Meat can be quickly thawed under running water and served immediately, or further cooked.
Pacific Oysters are much larger than Sydney rock oysters and thanks to Nichirei are available all year round, with no compromise on quality. Plus they are competitively priced at 60 cents per piece for large and 45 cents per piece for medium.
The individually quick frozen oyster meat has been packaged in a resealable, durable plastic bag, making it a simple matter to use only what you need, minimising wastage and maximising convenience. These flavoursome oysters can be served sautéed, marinated or raw.
Also available is Nichirei Breaded Oyster Meat, again individually quick frozen for convenience. The juicy, fresh-frozen oyster meat has been coated with a crispy bread crumb so it’s simple to take it straight from the freezer into the deep fryer or oven. Deep fry for just four minutes in oil at 180degC or shallow fry in a pan for five minutes, and it’s ready to serve.
Nichirei Breaded Oyster Meat has been crumbed after being individually quick frozen, which maintains the full oyster flavour within the traditional Japanese panko bread crumb.
Available packaged in trays of 20 pieces per 500g pack, Nichirei Breaded Oyster Meat again offers great value at just 50 cents per piece.
Both Nichirei Raw Oyster Meat and Breaded Oyster Meat are AQIS approved for Australian import and HACCP accredited. So add them to the menu today and offer your customers the terrific taste of fresh and flavoursome pacific oysters!
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