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With its luscious chocolate shell and irresistibly smooth filling, the iconic Lindor ball is the ultimate chocolate masterpiece, embodying the passion, craftsmanship, innovation and quality of the Lindt tradition that dates back to 1845. With their brightly coloured foil wrappings, Lindor balls convey a sense of decadence, indulgence and celebration. Available in white, milk and dark chocolate, and with centres that include mint and hazelnut, Lindor balls offer a delectable pleasure that provides universal delight.

Lindor 2 pack – 25g The perfect welcome or goodbye. The Lindor 2 pack comes with a Milk and Dark chocolate Lindor ball.

Lindor 3 pack – 36g Comes in Milk Chocolate and Assorted (Milk, Dark & White). A great mini bar item or takeaway gift at functions.

Lindor Cater Packs Lindor cater packs are the most economical way to purchase Lindor balls. Available in 1kg, 10kg and 14kg packs

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