Hello Foodservice Ep. 5
Hello Foodservice Episode 5: Staff Shortages, Kitchen Gardens & Contemporary High Tea

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This episode of Hello Foodservice looks at the contentious issue of foodservice staff shortages and the call to import foreign labour to fill the gaps. Black Hat Chef George Hill and John Fink of the Fink Group restaurants give their views along with Victoria University senior curriculum advisor Robert Ford and BIS  Shrapnel analyst Sissel Rosengren.

Also we meet Peats Bite owner Tanya Miljoen who shares her family’s do-it-yourself philosophy on providing the freshest produce available at minimum cost.

Celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita talks contemporary high tea while Daniel Tootell, manager of The Tea Room at the National Gallery of Victoria expounds the traditional approach – and Miss Pearls takes us into the world of Madame Brussels for a look at a modern society woman’s take on the subject.

Manager of Food and Retail services at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital explains the everyday running of the hospital’s fully functional and self-contained catering services.

Café Dov’s Tim Petersen shows off his kitchen garden and we see how a US establishment has taken the rooftop garden to the next level.

Finally we go Face2Face with Walter Wagner, former Food and Beverage Manager at Crown to get his advice 0n smart business practices in the hospitality industry.

If you’re short on time you can view the individual stories as listed below:

00:45 – Skills shortage in the foodservice industry.

10:58 – Peats Bite’s fresh food philosophy

16:32 – High Tea

23:23 – Self-contained catering at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

29:31 – Kitchen garden at Cafe Dov

35:37 – Rooftop hydroponic garden at the Bell, Book and Candle in New York.

38:45 – FACE2FACE with former Crown Food and Beverage Manager Walter Wagner (See the full interview with Walther here)