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Serve up superb quality Bamboleo char-grilled vegetables this summer!

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Summer’s here again, which means fantastic opportunities for al fresco dining as your customers enjoy the glorious Aussie sunshine. Along with the warmer weather comes a focus on lighter summer fare – salads, cold meat buffet selections, and tasty antipasto plates. For all the above foods, along with other summer favourites like barbecue chicken and lamb skewers, the Bamboleo char-grilled roasting vegetable range is the perfect complement.

Whether used as an antipasto mix straight from the tub, a side dish to accompany main meals, or as a way of enhancing your own antipasto selection, Bamboleo’s char-grilled roasting vegetable range is the ideal choice for foodservice professionals.

You can even use them as a topping for gourmet pizzas. All products in the range have been marinated in Bamboleo’s unique herb mix to impart a distinctive flavour profile, before being char-grilled and preserved under light crisp canola oil, then packed in distinctive 4 x 2kg resealable containers – ready to take straight from the fridge to the oven.

They’re quick and convenient to serve, roasting in just three minutes. The Bamboleo char-grilled roasting vegetable range comprises Char-grilled Sliced Pumpkin, Sliced Sweet Potato and a 40mm Char-grilled Gourmet Vegetable Roasting Range mix of pumpkin, green and red capsicum, zucchini, eggplant, red Spanish onion, Bamboleo herb mix and canola oil.

All have a chilled shelf life of three months and have been designed to help save on preparation time and labour costs, while ensuring the flavour of your meals is enhanced rather than compromised. Bamboleo also offers a 10mm diced version of its Gourmet Vegetable Mix that’s ideal for bakers, sandwich shops, burger chains, pizzas and Subway-style stores.

No matter which products you choose from the Bamboleo char-grilled roasting vegetable range, you’re sure to be impressed with both the quality and the convenience: all the vegetables you need, conveniently prepared and presented in one package.

Bamboleo has built its reputation on offering premium char-grilled, fire roasted and marinated vegetables, all made in accordance with traditional recipes and using natural preserving methods.

Only the highest quality ingredients have been chosen and prepared according to time-honoured techniques, backed up by Bamboleo’s longstanding commitment to excellence.

The result is a range unsurpassed in taste, quality and convenience for foodservice professionals. So why not try the Bamboleo char-grilled roasting vegetable range today? You can save on labour, time and preparation hassles – while seeing for yourself why Bamboleo products have long been the preferred choice of many top restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and delis across Australia!