Rick Stephen
Festive tidings from WACS Asia Continental Director Rick Stephen

Dear Chefs

Another year is near to close and WACS has had a big year here in Asia. We have seen our family grow and with another two Associations just starting up and hopefully joining us in the future.

The Congress in South Korea put the spotlight on Asia and the spotlight has stayed here in Asia with great in-roads into China, the progress of Taiwan and the fantastic results Asia is having on the World Culinary Competition Stage.

The Chefs of Asia are truly embracing the World Association’s International Chef Days, which were celebrated in many parts of Asia, raising the profile of WACS and the Chefs Community throughout our regions; this is one of the stepping stones for the growth of chefs and WACS in general.

The young chefs in our Association are pushing the boundaries wanting to know more and grow their own Young Chefs Club. WACS will have a lot of influence here in the future with the Community Portal to be set up on the web page.

Asia is organizing Train the Trainer sessions, judging workshops and are the first to come out with our own Competition Calendar so the rest of the world know what we are doing.

Our Asian Forum in Kuala Lumpur in September 2013 has already created a lot of interest for WACS sponsors wanting to be part of Asia and to be seen as well as supporting our chefs. Penang, a busy group of professional chefs promoting chefs throughout the world have just celebrated their own milestone of 25 years of dedication to our industry.

The year has not had entirely smooth sailing with the natural disasters in Myanmar, India, Thailand, China and more recently the hurricane that hit the Philippians. The chefs in our areas are extremely resilient and have or will bounce back to restore their lands and cities.

Myself, I would like to thank everyone for the support, acknowledgment and appreciation for the work we have been doing in Asia. I would sincerely like to wish you and your families a safe and happy festive season and look forward to catching up with you in the not too distant future

Kind regards

Rick Stephen CMC WACS Continental Director – Asia