Major QSRs quick to embrace e-training technology

Technological advancements are making it easier for quick service restaurants to develop and run staff training programs online, reports QSR Media.

Major QSRs such as KFC, Baskin-Robbins and Retail Food Group now have web-based programs which enable them to provide training that renders traditional geographical and logistical barriers redundant.

Online training initiatives such as KFC’s eLearning module not only impart basic policies and processes – they’re also focused on teaching soft and hard skills that KFC believe are critical for staff success.

“We believe in teaching leadership tools and broadening skills at every level so employees can inspire and drive breakthrough performance in themselves and others,” said KFC Australia Chief People Officer Rob Phipps.

Baskin Robbins Australia has also taken note of digital training trends, running complete online university programs for staff at all tiers of the organisation. Baskin Robbins Australia National Marketing Manager Julian Casa described such initiatives as providing “broader levels of access to knowledge and development” and “a very powerful educational tool.”

At Retail Food Group (RFG) new communication technology has aided veteran franchisees by giving them immediate access to latest industry developments.

RFG National Sales and Leasing Coordination Manager Faith Manning said such technology ensures their more experienced franchisees are now “kept in the loop with new developments – including new product developments and changes to business processes, along with external developments they need to be aware of such as national marketing collateral training, industrial updates health and safety government regulations.”