McCain Sweet Potato Wedges

New Sweet Potato Wedges from McCAIN are sure to be a talking point among your customers when you add them to your menu.

Featuring a vibrantly bright orange colour and ridge cut to ensure visual appeal, new Sweet Potato Wedges present immaculately when served. The thick, uneven cut size also gives them a superior hold time – ensuring no soggy or thick wedges.

And of course, your customers will love the distinctive sweet potato taste.

New Sweet Potato Wedges have a superior crunch compared than the standard potato wedge – they’re a source of fibre, cholesterol free and free of artificial colours or flavours. Sweet potato is one of the world’s most nutritious vegetables, with a unique texture and flavour. McCAIN is the only manufacturer offering Sweet Potato Wedges, following its successful launch of Sweet Potato Fries into the foodservice market.

As they’re able to command a higher sale price per serve than regular wedges, New Sweet Potato Wedges are sure to add profit to your menu.

They’re also extremely versatile – ideal for a wide variety of menu applications from sweet to savoury. You can serve them plated as a meal accompaniment, on their own in a bowl, or as a delicious treat. Their distinctive appearance and unique taste makes Sweet Potato Wedges the ideal accompaniment to an Angus Beef Burger or Eye Fillet Steak, and they look extremely appetising when stacked and served as a specials item.

Every carton of McCAIN Sweet Potato Wedges you buy also earns you ten My McCAIN Fries Advantage points. Collect and redeem points for more than 3,000 reward items at

The extensive range of products for which you can redeem points includes electrical items, sporting goods, food and wine, accommodation, phones, plasma screen TVs, cameras, movie vouchers, family items, toddler’s toys, kitchen utensils and much more.

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