Cassandra Austin
A word from Women in WACS Chef and Women’s Healthy Chef blogger Cassandra Austin

This year the pacific challenge will be held in Guam which is part of Micronesia in the pacific. Guam is different to the rest of the pacific islands and I have been fortunate enough to visit this beautiful country. It is predominantly inhabited by the US Air force and Naval base and they have influenced the infrastructure and some of the services available. The local food is called chimmoro and is now becoming more popular with visitors who are interested in trying the local cuisine.

Last year at the pacific challenge in Vanuatu Guam participated for the first time ever and I had the pleasure of judging a delightful young lady called Kenny who participated in the Guam team. She works at a very good hotel under executive sous chef Jo – yet another outstanding professional woman. After dining in their restaurant I was very impressed with the high standard of food. They have a delightful association who are very committed to the youth and future chefs in their region. Guam has shown wonderful comradeship and interest in sharing and exchanging knowledge with the Pacific chapter of WACS. I look forward to my next visit to meet more rising young women in the with whom we can share our global network.