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Hello Foodservice Episode 6: Food Intolerances & Allergies

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Food intolerances and allergies are changing the way restaurants and manufacturers do business.

In this episode of Hello Foodservice we hear from Dr Loblay, Clinical Immunologist at the RPAH Allergy Unit in Sydney, who details the way allergens develop in the body. Executive Officer of Coeliac Australia, David Sullivan discusses the business benefits of accommodating customers with coeliac disease, and President of Allergies and Anaphylaxis Australia, Maria Said, explains the importance of knowing what are the common food allergens.

We also hear from industry professionals who are doing the right thing by their customers, and improving business as a result.

Cerebos Australia’s Regulatory Affairs Technologist, Emma Corless, describes how they cater to allergic and food intolerant clientele with specially designed products, and Susan Kevork, Group Nutrition Manager at Nestle, shares her expertise on dealing with allergies in the foodservice industry.

We also hear from NSW Minister for Primary Industries and Minister for Small Business, The Hon Katerina Hodgkinson MP, who explains how government is managing the issue.

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If you’re short on time, follow the guide below to view individual interviews:

00:42 – Dr Robert Loblay, Clinical Immunologist RPA Allergy Unit

01:30 – Maria Said, President Allergies & Anaphylaxis Australia

02:30 – David Sullivan, Executive Officer Coeliac Australia

05:50 – John Savage, Executive Chef, Sofitel Melbourne

07:02 – Susan Kevork, Group Nutrition Manager, Nestle

09:32 – Emma Corless, Regulatory Affairs Technologist, Cerebos Australia

10:24 – Maria Said, President Allergies & Anaphylaxis Australia

12:37 – John Hart, CEO Restaurant & Catering Association

13:59 – Troy Mattingly, Restaurant Manager, Meat & Wine Co. Darling Harbour, Sydney

14:51 – Peter Harris, Executive Chef, Eltham Hotel

20:37 – Katrina Hodgkinson, NSW Minister for Primary Industry and Minister for Small Business

24:31 – David Sullivan, Executive Officer Coeliac Australia

27:46 – Maria Said, President Allergies & Anaphylaxis Australia

29:03 – Paul Antico, CEO and Founder, AllergyEats