Non-dairy Berry Anitoxidant Smoothie
Superb smoothies … in three easy steps!

Now it’s easier than ever before to make all-natural fruit/vegie smoothies that your customers will love!

There’s no longer any need to start from scratch with all the associated labour and preparation, not to mention the time and effort of ensuring your raw ingredients are of consistent quality.

Thanks to Chefs Pride, you can offer delicious smoothies in just three simple steps.

Chefs Pride Smoothie Cubes are made with all-natural fruit and vegetable ingredients and portion controlled so there’s no wastage – just cost-effective, quick and easy to prepare smoothies that taste great!

Keep the full range of Chefs Pride Smoothie Cubes in the freezer and you’ll be able to offer a variety of great smoothie flavours, any time of the day. There’s no need to use up valuable storage space on the raw fruit and vegetable ingredients, or have to worry about seasonal availability – Chefs Pride Smoothie Cubes are available all year round!

So save time and money, and cut down on waste and labour by not making smoothies from scratch. Just pop 2 or 3 Chefs Pride Smoothie Cubes in the blender, add 200ml of milk or juice as required, blend and serve!

You can adjust the flavour by adding more or less cubes as required (two to three cubes is the standard serve size per smoothie).

In contrast to many pre-mix smoothie solutions which may contain preservatives, stabilisers and additives, Chefs Pride Smoothie Cubes contain only all-natural ingredients, frozen to maintain freshness.

Chefs Pride Smoothie Cubes have been developed by a dietician and nutritionist and many of your customers may prefer them as a natural healthy choice. Naturally low in sodium, they’re a source of omega 3 and fibre, and are available in dairy and gluten free (depending on flavour variety).

Choose from Bananaberry Blast, Brekkie Anytime, Berry Antioxidant, Tropical Buzz (add milk for these flavours), Mangobanana Tango, Fruit & Veg Antioxidant and Vegie Shot (add apple juice for these last three).

As well as making great-tasting smoothies, Chefs Pride Smoothie Cubes are also ideal as a base ingredient for cocktails and mocktails.

For more information on this innovative product from a trusted Australian-owned brand, contact your local distributor or Patties Foods Ltd on toll free 1800 650 069 or email