BradleyPeter Dixon - Judge
Spotless sets a culinary training benchmark

The 2013 online Spotless Mastermind competition attracted 28 apprentice cooks/chefs from Spotless properties across Australia.

The challenge aimed to establish the most technically knowledgeable apprentice in each category.

With an outstanding score of 93% Spotless second year apprentice chef Bradley Johnson employed at Perth Convention Exhibition Centre and attending Western Australia Polytechnic West Institute won the overall 2013 Spotless Mastermind championship against contenders from first , third  and fourth years.

Contestants were set questions selected at random from the categories Basic Food Preparations, Culinary Terminology, Eggs and Farinaceous , Fish and Shellfish, Hot and Cold Desserts, Methods of Cookery, Mise-en-place, Product Knowledge, Salads and Dressings, and Stock, Soups and Sauces. Contestants were required to answer within a strict time limit.

Peter Dixon, Executive Chef at EPICURE in Melbourne commented on the high culinary standard demonstrated by participants.

‘We are delighted with the result that clearly demonstrates the strength of the Spotless apprentices and also shows that Spotless is absolutely committed to   training the staff to reach their maximum potential in this demanding industry,’ Dixon said.

The scores of Western Australian apprentices were particularly outstanding, with three contestants placing in the overall results. The online professional competition was applauded by participants as the future of culinary competitions for professional cooks and chefs.

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