Aqua Dining Group of Restaurants “Young Culinary Achiever Scholarship 2013”

The annual Young Culinary Achiever Scholarship is awarded to 3rd Year Apprentices who are undertaking trade training in commercial cookery across Australia. This competitive scholarship recognises young culinary talents with a commitment and passion to excel in the hospitality industry.

To apply, 3rd Year Commercial Cookery Apprentices are invited to self-submit their nomination and application form to The Aqua Dining Group of Restaurants – Young Culinary Achiever Scholarship – c/- HTN, PO Box 198, Roseville NSW 2069. Submissions will be accepted from Monday 1 July 2013 to Monday 30 September 2013.

For more information about the scholarship and to download an application form please click here or contact HTN on 1300 139 108.