Sweet New Trends

It seems that dessert fads are taking the world by storm, and everyone is wondering what the next sweet craze will be.

Dan Lepard, baker, author and judge on The Great Australian Bake Off, told the Sydney Morning Herald that an essential ingredient is “an element of glamour and a sense that it can make our lives better”.

Lepard predicts that brownies will be the next sweet food trend to take off, pointing out they come in numerous flavours and are easy to produce, package and store. The Herald notes they are currently increasing in popularity across Britain and Australia with the rise of the dessert bar.

While opening a business based on a niche baking trend may come with risks, it has been known to pay off in a big way. Husband and wife team Bien and Deborah Peralta started selling homemade brownies at Brisbane farmers markets in 2006 and have now opened their own café, Dello Mano, the Herald reports.

The paper also notes Melbourne’s La Belle Miette and Sydney’s MakMak have both found success specialising in macarons, while Alex and Angela Perry were inspired by a trend sparked by an episode of Sex and The City and began baking cupcakes in their Cronulla apartment and selling them at markets. The Cupcake Bakery now boasts 34 outlets across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.