Rick Stephen
G’day Australia from Asia!

There has been plenty happening in the culinary world here in Asia since my last article and a lot has happened to me and my career.

The company I work for, SATS, has given me a promotion as Director of Kitchens which is a great honour and along with this comes a lot of responsibilities. Let’s move away from that and see where and what we have been doing for chefs in Asia.

The big excitement for me is the Young Chef. Through the Korean Cook Association and the Korean Government, we are going to stage the World Championship for Young Chefs in Seoul this coming November. Twenty teams from around the world will be coming and Australia is one of those teams. We had 43 applications for teams and the selection process was extremely difficult. The KCA will be sponsoring airfare, accommodation and contributing to the cost of the food for the event. Imagine being able to represent your country on the International stage in front of the world – there is no greater honour!

I have managed to travel a fair amount again this year to as many of my countries as possible and also abroad, pushing the camaraderie of chefs to as many colleagues as possible.

Judges workshop have been conducted in South Africa, Korea and two more booked in for Malaysia and Sri Lanka  with another one early in 2014 in Japan. Singapore as you know is abuzz at present as we are gearing up for the only night F1 Grand Prix which fills our restaurants and more importantly to me our flights!

In 2014 we have Food and Hotel Asia in April which is one of Asia’s largest expos for food and equipment along with the much sought after Battle of the Lion chef’s competition which attracts International teams from all over the world. Around the corner of FHA there is the World Gourmet Summit where the world comes to dine with some of the superstars of the kitchen – this is a must for any gourmand to be in the same city as up to 20 superstars at once.

Well what am I doing? Well, have a look at our new baby, the Sports Hub for Singapore – this outstanding project is a joint venture between SATS and Delaware North to provide the catering at these multi task complexes.

To finish off this post, the Asian Presidents Forum is being held in Kuala Lumpur on 16 September, bringing together 19 different Asian countries to give our sponsors the ideal opportunity to present, mix, meet the and talk to all these presidents at once. This is an opportunity that money cannot buy. Along with the forum we have introduced educational seminars and Dilmah Tea are conducting a tea appreciation seminar for all. To finish of the APF, the Young Chefs Clubs of Asia will be controlling and presenting at our meeting to show the development of young chefs.

Until next time friends, I wish all my colleagues in Australia great and rewarding months ahead.