Altantic Salmon

Pacific West Altantic Salmon portions are made using fresh salmon, dry cut to ensure the full flavour is retained. Additionally, each portion is snap frozen in its own vacuum pouch to maintian its freshness.

GLAD Baking Paper

High quality non-stick cooking and storing paper for lining baking trays, microwaving, interleaving, covering, freezing, and special applications for other products such as confectionery. Click here to download more information on GLAD and OSO Baking and Cooking Paper

Gravox Demi Glace

The consummate base for all dark sauces including pepper, red wine, diane, mushroom, Bordeaux and Madeira. Made to match the flavour of Larousse Gastronomique demi glace which takes 12 hours to prepare and cook. Features & Benefits: Gluten & Wheat Free No Added MSG 98% Fat Free No Artificial Flavours Bain-marie Stable Freeze-thaw Stable