Our feature article this issue explores the current catering climate. We chat with Executive Chef Asif Mamum and Corporate Executive Chef Markus Werner about how to best cater to the growing and changing demands of contemporary function attendees. In this issue we also take a look at gluten free, burgers and the breakfast market, as well as pre made desserts and a special focus on healthcare.


This issue we’ve introduced something new – an easy way if reading the magazine online, which also allows you to access exclusive bonus content.

From now on each issue of Foodservice Rep will be available to read online in convenient flipbook format. All the regular features if the print edition will be included in new digital format, plus we will also be featuring bonus content such as extended versions of some stories and videos to watch.

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Welcome to our special ‘Focus on Profit’ issue. Each story topic this issue has been chosen to highlight the benefits of offering a particular meal type on the menu in terms of generating profit for your foodservice business. Whether you’re working in a pub, club, cafe or restaurant, you’ll find informative advice and expert comment which will help guide you towards making sound menu choices that will help you boost repeat business and aid the bottom line.

Also this issue we interview Karen Doyle, who as head teacher at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney has the challenging job of mentoring our next generation of chefs. Karen is also heavily involved in the Australian Culinary Federation and the Women in WACS program and gives us some insights into how that ties in to her commitment to encouraging and assisting young apprentices.


This issue’s cover interview with Dominic Criniti tells the inspiring story of how a family business built on passion and hard work has managed to grow far beyond its humble beginnings. We also examine the growing tendency of foodservice professionals to bring in commercially prepared soups and sauces which can be used as bases to which their own finishing touches can be added, in preference to the time and effort of from-scratch preparation. Plus looks at spices and seasonings driving menu extension, choosing the right coffee, technological innovations in bakery and more!


In our first issue for 2016 we begin with a big interview, featuring not just one but three corporate chefs – Adam Moore, Mark Baylis and Mark Clayton, all of whom offer interesting insights into what’s required to succeed in this challenging role. We also look at some of the latest innovations in dairy products, examine contemporary stylings in seafood presentation, and point out the importance of including gluten free meals on the menu to meet the growing demand. All this plus the latest edition of INSIDE PIZZA packed full of features from the world of independent pizzamaking.


We interview Brien Trippas of major catering organisation Trippas White Group, look at the benefits of branded beef and tell you how you can spice up your red meat with the latest contemporary flavours. We also examine the growing popularity of freshly frozen desserts and profile a retail and brand design specialist which has helped foodservice businesses boost their turnover. Plus more news from the world of independent pizzamaking in the latest edition of Inside Pizza.


This issue we’re proud to be a part of the 50th anniversary celebrations for one of Australia’s most important foodservice competitions, the Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat Award. Plus stories on how alpaca meat is making inroads to the restaurant market, the growth of pizza on the pub, bistro, club and cafe menu, rewards programs, the industry alliance protesting against the proposed introduction of mandatory Country of Origin labelling for seafood in foodservice, and much more.


This issue we feature a special report on why you need to give serious consideration to including gluten free meal options on the menu – but it’s important to bear in mind that if you’re advertising food as gluten free, you have to be sure that it actually is. In our interview with David Sullivan from Coeliac Australia, he points out some of the relevant concerns and issues that can arise.