With another glorious Aussie summer here, it’s the perfect time to look at serving up barbecued and grilled meats … and this issue’s feature article explores the latest popular trends and meat cuts on the menu. Sam Burke, Corporate Chef at Meat & Livestock Australia, gives us a rundown on what’s hot as well as some great advice about how chefs can raise the profile of red meat menu items to something special. For full details check out our story starting on page 8.


Renowned master sushi chef Hideo Dekura has spent more than four decades educating chefs and the public about his native cuisine – many of them spent here in Australia. Our interview with Hideo is this issue’s cover story, plus there’s also a report on how to cater for the special dietary requirements becoming ever more commonplace among your customer base.


We speak to the new Australian Culinary Federation President Neil Abrahams about his goals for the association’s future. Plus local vs imported – what’s the real story when it comes to seafood and fruit. Should dessert always be made from scratch – or is there a place for pre-made sweets on your menu? Plus we shine a spotlight on Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce and show you how Popcakes can help you achieve perfect pancakes every single time!


This issue looks at the important work done to train up our next generation of chefs at Victoria’s oldest and largest food, tourism, hospitality and events training centres which enrols over 21,500 students per year. We also talk to four chefs who are committed to the fine art of food presentation, and explore the philosophies which lie at the heart of their varying approaches. Plus we examine some of the stresses faced by chefs and cooks in today’s highly competitive commercial environment.

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We speak to Martin Benn and Vicki Wilde, co-owners of Sepia, SMH Good Food Guide’s Restaurant of the Year. We discover how Southeast Asia is helping to solve Australia’s seafood shortage, show you how social media can make or break your business, and George Hill shares a handy index of commercial kitchen lingo. Plus the latest products for your summer recipes!

Foodservice Rep 77

Step into chef Jake Nicolson’s big wide world of opportunity, find out what every chef needs to know about rising food allergies and intolerances, start preparing for the festive season and meet an Aussie chef who lives in London and serves world class Japanese cuisine.

Markus Werner

Executive chef Marcus Werner’s passion and dedication to his craft shines through in our illuminating interview in this issue of Foodservice Rep.

Foodservice Rep 73

– Cover: Shannon Kellam, Executive Chef at the prestigious Brisbane Club
– George Diamond of The Keystone Group
– Tim Petersen of Sydney’s Cafe Dov