Open House December 2011

In this issue:

* Versatile performer: Riviana’s antipasto range

* Cafe trends: ethical coffee options

* Hey there, honey: roof-top bee hives take off

Hospitality December 2011-January 2012

In this issue:

* Local produce champion: the passions that drive Matt Wilkinson

* The social scene: Facebook? Twitter? Social media and your workplace

* Mystery diner: Melbourne’s Embrasse reviewed

* She’ll be apples: we investigate the booming demand for cider

* Fry away: tips for getting the best results from your fryers PLUS 5 top fryers in profile

* Win a trip to Shanghai

Hospitality November 2011

In this issue:

* Man from Merivale: Dan Hong’s secrets to running restaurants people love

* What’s your score? Food safety focus builds with moves to scores on doors

* Tables talk: what’s on the tables at two of our hottest new restaurants PLUS the latest products for your tables

Hospitality October 2011

In this issue:

* King of the kitchen: ex-Pier chef Grant King is making waves at the helm of his own restaurant

* ‘Tis the season: tips for getting the most out of the lucrative silly season

* Festive cheer: what’s ahead this summer for wine and cocktails

* In my kitchen: three chefs reveal their shiny new kitchens

* Plus the latest new cooking equipment on the market

Open House November 2011

In this issue:

* Sweet satisfaction: top dessert trends

* Seafood stars: home grown vs. imported

* Convenience plus: Maggi Coconut Milk Powder

Foodservice October 2011

In this issue:

* Passion, precision and honour: we discover why few chefs can match Izakaya Fujiyama’s Kenji Maenaka for dedication and humility

* Stunning Asian masterclass with Andrew McConnell

* Ms. G’s Jowett Yu shows the versatility of chicken

* Jackie Middleton on the success of Earl Canteen

Open House October 2011

In this issue:

* Taste the difference: Hellmann’s real mayonnaise

* Hot stuff: summer menu trends

* Knife skills: caring for your tools

Foodservice September 2011

In this issue:

* Southern comfort food: Comme’s Daniel Southern dishes up his take on French bistro food

* How Steel Bar & Grill hit its market with a bullseye

* Jared Ingersoll explores the culinary capabilities of bay leaves

* The secrets behind some of the all-time classic desserts