Essential Cuisine Chicken Stock

Essential Cuisine stocks are all made using a classic chef recipe- with high quality ingredients and a slow reduction method to ensure that the flavour is optimised.

The meat stocks use high quality meat, bones and a small amount of tomato paste to give them a rich glowing colour. The natural flavours of the chicken stock are achieved through the roasting process, while the vegetable stock has a balanced variety of fresh vegetables and herbs for flavour.

The Essential Cuisine stocks have no added sugar, no MSG and no artificial flavours or preservatives. They are also available in a range of sizes to cater for chefs and home cooks.

Beef Jus 250g

Essential Cuisine’s Classic Jus is a restaurant quality chef’s finishing sauce available in Beef or Lamb. The sauce, made by caramelising vegetables and adding natural stock, red wine and herbs, achieves its rich texture over hours by a traditional reduction process.

Philadelphia Light Cream for Cooking

PHILADELPHIA Light Cream for Cooking is a specially formulated cream cheese based cooking cream substitute. This product is pale white in colour with smooth dollopable texture and with a clean mildly acidic flavour. This product is 30% less fat than light cream and has a superior cooking performance.

Ingham Chicken Devil Wing Dings

Chicken wing portions coated in a crunchy, spicy Devil crumb.

Ingham Sweet Chilli Tenders

Ingham Sweet Chilli Chicken Tenders use premium chicken meats and are coated with a crunchy sweet chilli crumb.

Ingham Pizza Roundas

Pizza Roundas are a classic kids’ favourite approved for sale in school canteens.

Gravox Pro Guide

This guide will help you decide the on the best gravy to use for your meal


Asian Home Gourmet will help add flavour to your dishes with their range of Authentic Asian Spice Pastes.