Kitchen garden program to keep sprouting young chefs

Thousands more Victorian school children will be growing, cooking and eating their own food at school thanks to an expansion of the successful Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.

Jake Nicolson

MLA’s Beef Masterpieces program encourages chefs to consider more cuts on the carcase.

Jake Nicolson is Executive Chef at Circa, the Prince in Melbourne’s St. Kilda, where the versatility of these cuts suits the menu’s focus on fresh, seasonal produce.

Matt Kemp

MLA’s Beef Masterpieces program aims to inspire chefs to use non loin cuts of beef.

Matt Kemp, owner and Executive Chef of Restaurant Balzac in Sydney’s Randwick, has established himself as a champion of these secondary cuts.

Joel Gottlieb, Executive Chef at the Feros Group

The Feros Group operates five hotels in metropolitan Sydney, and on in the NSW Southern Highlands. Across the venues they use between 800-900 cartons of McCain A grade fries each month. Group Executive Chef Joel Gottlieb says they’re a vital part of the most popular meals.

Beef Masterpieces

With a little know-how, you can easily add some fantastic new dishes to the menu featuring meat cuts that are new to your customers, and generate a better profit margin.

Knowledge Now 2010

Just like the Federal election, the inaugural “Knowledge Now” competition has gone down to the wire.

Allergic reaction to nuts

The most severe form of allergic reaction, anaphylaxis is potentially life-threatening and needs to be treated as a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment and urgent attention.

To find out more about this reaction, what its triggers are and the risk minimisation procedures that school canteens should have in place, we spoke to Geraldine Batty of Anaphylaxis Australia.


Penny Dellsperger of Coeliac Society Australia shares her experiences being gluten intolerant, and Bruno Gentile of Cerebos Food Service explains some of the steps you need to take in your kitchen to ensure your gluten free options are gluten free.